7408 HIGHWAY 329, Crestwood, KY 40014, US
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Board of Directors

Steve Moss, Chairman

Joe Kayse, Vice Chairman

Bruce Ogle, Treasurer

Denny Ertel, Secretary

Afaf Shaheen (Emeritus)

Alex Campbell

Brooks May

Charlie Westerfield

Joy Hanna (Emeritus)

Nina Seigle

Noelle Haegele

Ryan Sharp

Shannon Gordon

Toni Ray

Jeremy White

Erin Trager Yusman

Benton Keith

Executive Staff

Leah F. Campbell | Attorney at Law

Executive Director

Laura Herberholz

Director of Residential Services

Zac LaFollette

Program Director

C. Keri Roeder

Director of Community Services:

CLS, Personal Assistance & Community Access

Linda Romine

Director of Development

Brian Sizemore

Director of Finance

Laura Saeed 

Director of Human Resources

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